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Fishing Report

June Fishing Report

  •  OVERVIEW- Fishing should be good this month! Water temperature will be in the 70’s to low 80’s.  Best times will be early morning, late afternoon and at night this month. Fishing the past few weeks has been good! The baitfish will continue to move to the shoreline late at night as they are trying to finish spawning. Most species of fish have spawned. Night time is the best time to try your luck!

  • Largemouth Bass- Fishing for largemouth bass will be fair this month. Best lures will be jigs, drop shots, deep diving crank baits, top water lures and shaky heads. Most largemouth bass will be caught near shallow coves, stumps, shallow brush piles, secondary points and shallow water docks.  Some fish will start to move  to their summer patterns. Best depths will be from 2 to 20 feet deep. Most largemouth bass will have spawned by the end of the month. When fishing at night, most bass will be caught on wake type lures such as Thunder sticks fished close to rip rap points. Jigs and Texas rigged plastic worms will also be productive.

  • Smallmouth Bass- Fishing should be fair. Best areas will be humps, stumps and long main channel points. Best lures will be tubes, jigs, top water lures and medium running crank baits.. Best areas will be in the mid to the lower sections of the lake. Cloudy days with light winds are good times to try your luck!  Look for areas with rocks, on points next to deep water. Look for stumps and isolated rocks on flats near deep water. Most smallmouth bass will finish spawning this month.

  • Striped Bass- Fishing should be good this month. Stripers will be caught in the lower to mid sections of the lake and the large creeks. Best lures will be top water, Red-fins, Thunder Sticks and Zoom flukes fished on 3/8 to 3/4 oz. lead heads. Casting early and late day can be productive. Stripers will surface some during the month of June. Best times to find schooling fish is cloudy days, early morning and later afternoon. The best depths will be from the surface to 40 feet deep. Live bait fished on planner boards will work well this month.  Most fish will be suspended and will constantly be on the move. Find the largest concentration of shad. Night fishing will be fair this month. Mid to lower end of the lake seems to work best when night fishing.
  • Crappie- Fishing for crappie will be fair this month. They will be found 5 to 20 ft. deep. Crappie will be found around docks, brush piles, stumps and fallen tree tops. Small live minnows and 1½ to 2 inch tubes or shad shaped plastic lures fished on 1/32 to 1/16 oz. lead heads will work best to catch crappie this month.  

  •  TIP OF THE Month- Night fishing will be best this month. Shad constantly move to the shallow water at night as they continue to spawn. Best time to fish is from 11 pm to 2 am. Most species of fish will feed at night. You can also hear reports about local fishing on the website: THE BASS CAST RADIO SHOW each month. Make sure your running lights are on after dark! Remember to be courteous and obey all the boating laws. TAKE A KID FISHING!

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