Cannabis has become one of the largely abused drugs. It has to some extent been legalized for its medicinal purpose.  It becomes an addiction when a person cannot stop using the drug. Cannabis addiction has both long and short-term effects on the user. These effects vary from one person to another. This article focuses on expounding different dimensions of cannabis. 


  • Hallucination 
  • Anxiety and Paranoia 
  • Increased risk of stroke 
  • Short term memory problems  


  • Anti-social behavior 
  • Decline in IQ 
  • Lower life satisfaction  

There are different types of cannabis 

  • Herbal cannabis– It is made from the flowers of the cannabis plant  
  • Cannabis oil- Extracted from the sticky buds of the cannabis Sativa plant 
  • Cannabis Resin- It comes in form of solid. 

As stated earlier cannabis is been largely abused in society due to several reasons. 

  • Peer pressure: Some individuals are finding themselvehooked up to these drugs because their friends are using it. It is said that the same feather fly together. It is therefore hard to associate yourself with cannabis users and not be introduced to it. 
  • Its availability: Unlike in the past days when it was hard accessing cannabis, is it has become available. Many people can get it leading to its high usage. 
  • Relief from mental conditions. Cannabis has temporary effect on stress. Users claim that it’s used in relieving them from mental conditions. This is not necessarily true as it is a temporary effect who’s long term is life-damaging. 
  • The belief that it is harmless: Recent research has shown that cannabis can treat some diseases. What most do not understand is that they are misusing the drug. You are not supposed to use cannabis unless instructed by your doctor. 



Cannabis addiction is a major problem in society. It has ruined the life of many young people who run to it to seek solaceThe high unemployment rate among the auths is one of the causes of drug use. Economic difficulties have made many youths hopeless. This hopelessness has made may result in drug use. However, cannabis use is not a solution. There are some benefits associated with cannabis. They include 

  • Help lose weight by regulating insulin in the body  
  • It’s the chemical make up help relieving chronic pain 
  • Improves lung capacity 
  • Regulating and preventing diabetes 
  • Fights cancer 
  • Glaucoma treatment 

The government needs to come up with regulations limiting the usage and availability of cannabis as it has become a nuisance rather than a blessing in society. Let’s take personal responsibility. 

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