By Wilbroda Wasonga/Submitted on September 19, 2020 

The traditional method of consuming cannabis is by smoking. However, eating cannabis is quickly becoming popular. The edible forms of cannabis is cannabis edibles or cannabis infused-food. Almost any food may be infused with cannabis. In this article, I will give a brief overview of cannabis edibles. 

About Cannabis Edibles 

They are any food infused with cannabis. Although the term cannabis edibles refers to both food and drinks, cannabis infused-drinks have a special name; liquid edibles, or drinkables. Most edibles contain chemical substances called cannabinoids especially tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) Shiva Buzz. Some edibles contain a small amount of THC but may contain other cannabinoids, such as cannabidiol (CBD). The primary use of cannabis edibles is for medicinal purposes. However, more people are using it for recreational purposes. The THC in the edibles induce a variety of effects including euphoria, increased appetite, anxiety, fatigue, and relaxation. 

Brief History 

The Hindus of the Indian subcontinent have used cannabis in food and drinks from about 1000 BC. They prepared food and drinks with cannabis for both medicinal and spiritual purposes. This practice later spread to other continents.  

Types of Cannabis Edibles 

They range from baked goods to drinkables, capsules, oil, and butter. Baked goods include hash cookies, space cakes, and brownies. If it were not for the slight green color, a slight cannabis taste, and a grassy flavor, it would be difficult to differentiate between baked goods containing cannabis and regular ones.  

Liquid edibles are drinks infused with cannabis. Examples of Liquid edibles are lassi and thandai from the Indian subcontinent. The drinkables come in form of teas, brews, and sodas. Adding cannabis to oil or alcohol forms a tincture. An example of a tincture is Crem de Grass, which can be added to coffee and other beverages. Cannabis oil is oil infused with cannabis. It is mainly for medicinal purposes.  

Steeping dried cannabis buds in hot butter makes cannabis butter for flavoring cannabis edibles. Capsules containing THC are available as a supplement and not as a regulated pharmaceutical. 

Eating Cannabis Edibles Compared To Smoking Cannabis 

The effects of smoking cannabis takes a few minutes. Those of edibles may take one to three hours or even longer. The user may end up eating more before feeling the effect. The result is a potential overdose. It is difficult to quantify the amount of THC and CBD in edibles. The symptoms of edibles overdose are more severe compared to those of smoking cannabis. 


Uses of Cannabis Edibles 

They are used for medicinal and recreational purposes. Cannabis edibles may treat conditions such as pain, muscle spasm, childhood epilepsy, and weight loss because of sickness. Medicinal use of cannabis involves getting a prescription from a licensed medical professional. The dosage of medicinal cannabis is not specific. The goal of the recreational use of cannabis is to alter the state of the mind. 

Benefits and side effects of cannabis edibles 

They can help ease chronic pain. They also treat gastritis. They help HIV/AIDS patients regain their appetite and weight. They also treat HIV-related depression. They combats premenstrual syndrome in women. 

Regular use of cannabis can interfere with mental health. It can worsen anxiety and depression. High levels of cannabis can lead to psychosis, hallucination, panic attack, and impaired motor abilities. 

Although most people consider cannabis edibles as a more desirable and safer way of taking cannabis, medical practitioners and the general public should note that there are several risks associated with the use of cannabis edibles.