In the recent times the use of cannabis among the older generation has been seen to steadily increase due to reduced stigma and the increased interest among this population 


Research indicates that people of all age groups use cannabis for the very same reasons. This reasons include; 

  1. Pain 
  1. Insomnia 
  1. Neuropathy 
  1. Anxiety 


Cannabis has been confirmed to increase heart rate thereby leading to increased blood pressure. Older patients that happen to have an underlying coronary infection if they happen to take a very high dosage of cannabis either intentionally or without knowledge maybe through edibles risk having an anxiety attack leading to triggering of arrhythmia or coronary syndrome. 


Comorbid health conditions are a very usual scenario among the elderly. With this, the elderly may happen to be taking various medications. THC and CBD have a common phenomenon of either increasing or lowering blood levels of certain drugs. This is made possible by affecting the liver enzymes that are helpful in metabolisation of the medication one is taking. For instance, CBD inhibits the needed molecules in the breakdown and clearing of medication from the body thereby posing a risk of increasing drug levels in the body systems. Cannabis use with anti-seizure drugs or blood thinners should be done cautiously due to risk of serious side effects of their interaction.  

Disclosure of marijuana use to your doctors is also very key more so when it comes to a time of undergoing processes like surgery so as the doctors can be able to adjust the drugs used as anesthesia and as well as those for post-surgical pain management.  


Dementia or confusion risk is a great concern for older people especially due to the psychoactive effect of marijuana. Due to the ability to buy from dispensaries in recent times, there has been a possibility in management of the `high` (psychoactiveness) caused by excessive use of cannabis. This is because from the dispensaries one is able to get the correct dosage plus prescription of the correct strains of marijuana that one needs to consume. This is normally possible by keeping the levels of THC low and those of CBD high since the latter is non-intoxicating.  

Some research indicates that older patients on cannabis use` cognitive functioning tends to improve due to improved sleep and pain management.  

In conclusion, since there has been reduced stigma and public acceptance over the use of cannabis majorly for medication purposes, there has been a steady rise in the number of elderly people embracing this hard drug. There also has been an increase in the view of medical cannabis as the most effective way of managing insomnia and also chronic pain. Cognitive issues that are as a result of aging, cardiac issues and consumption of multiple drugs are among the many issues that one should inform his/her doctor about so as to enable the doctor to be able to weigh their safety risks before prescription of cannabis to avoid risks and misfortune West Coast Botanics BC