CBD for Pets


It is commonly known as Cannabidiol. It is a natural substance used to treat many ailments. This substance is extracted from the cannabis plant. The main organic chemical compound present in cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This chemical compound causes the sensation of getting high. However, Cannabidiol is not psychoactive. 

This extract is more useful to treat various diseases. Cannabidiol oil is made from the cannabis plant, then a base oil I. e coconut oil is used to dilute the extract. This oil is used by different individuals in their pets for preventing diseases and maintaining balance in their bodies. It is also used to maintain a normal healthy state for pets. 

The function of CBD on pets 

As in humans, the immune system of pets also changes due to environmental influence and also diseases. Thus, pets like dogs require chemical or natural substances to maintain their immune. They have an endocannabinoid system just like a human. 

The following are the cannabidiol oil benefits in pets:  

  • The oil interacts with their body system and regulates sleep 
  • It regulates the pets appetite and daily moods 
  • It also relieves pain in case of injury or exposure to certain common ailments. 
  • The oil relieves joint stiffness 
  • It also improves the mobility of pets. 
  • Heals itchy and irritated skin 
  • Improves the age of senior pet issues. 
  • It’s also an anti-cancer benefit to pets. 

Side effects of cannabidiol oil in pets 

Some scientists, veterans, and scholars have come up with the side effects of this oil. The following are some side effects:  

  • It causes dry mouth as research shows that there is decreased production of saliva and increased thirst. 
  • The oil lowers blood pressure  when applied in high doses 
  • It also causes drowsiness when used to treat anxiety in pets. This effect is also caused by high doses. 

Cannabidiol oil risks 

Most individuals administer this oil without the approved administration. Research suggests that there is no accurate dosage come up with on how to administer on pets. The size of the pet should also be an issue to determine the dosage. This has caused a lot of misunderstanding on the administration of cannabidiol oil. 

Availability of CBD products on the Market 

These oil products are readily available in the market but of different quality. There is the high quality which is the best and has a high chance of working. Before administering, you should consult your veterinarian to decide on the best treatment. 

The following are factor to consider before purchasing 

  • Ask for organic CBD oil which is pure 
  • Buy the high-quality product 
  • Ask the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid toxic substances. 
  • Look for CBD liquid oil which is the best 

In the research institutions are doing more studies on the effects of CBD products on pets. The information under research will provide an effective way on how to use this oil to treat common ailments. Possible side effects will be dealt with to increase its efficiency to consumers. Before administering you should consult veterinarians as they know. This is done to avoid overdose or cause harm to the pet. 

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