Growing the most common Cannabis Indica Strains

Cannabis Indica is native to today’s regions of Pakistan, India, Turkey, and Afghanistan. Indica originated in the harsh environment of the Hindu Kush mountains. Growing Indica is quite convenient as they have a short growing cycle and don’t take up too much space and time. They can also grow outdoors or indoors. Dense buds are what one should look out for. As the buds grow in size and weight, they are at risk of developing mold. This can be avoided by watching the environmental conditions, especially humidity and temperature. Some of the most grown strains include the Bubba Kush, Blueberry Bomb, Grape Ape, among others.

Bubba Kush is an Indica strain with sweet hashish flavors with subtle notes of coffee and chocolate on the exhale. The strain exhibits a massive bud structure with hues that range from green to pale purple and is widely popularized among medical and recreational users. The strain grows both indoors and outdoors but produces the highest yield in hydroponic environments. Indoors, it takes eight to nine weeks, buds grow to medium size, and a yield of fifteen ounces per square meter is expected. Outdoors, the harvest is usually around the end of October and can yield twenty ounces of product per plant. It is the most resistant to most diseases hence easy to maintain.

Blueberry Bomb is a potent Indica strain with up to 20% THC with a strong citric aroma. When used moderately, Blueberry Bomb relaxes the mind and instills happiness. The rush of euphoria relaxes body muscles and is often preferred for evening use. However, when used in large doses, it can induce a mind race and may make it difficult for the user to stay calm. This strain has a sturdy frame and is easy to grow. The Sea of Green Method is applied to maximize yields. The setup requires the growth of at least four plants in a single square meter. Pruning, thinning and removing any dead branches or leaves help create air circulation and light distribution in the lower nodes. If cultivated indoors, it takes seven to nine weeks for the strain to produce between ten and twelve ounces per square meter. If outdoors, the strains bloom between the end of September and mid-October.

Apothecary Genetics and Barney’s Farm crossed Mendocino Purps, Skunk, and Afghan Kush to give the Grape Ape. The fitting name comes from the strain tasting and smelling like grape and making the user feel big and bulky like an ape. The strain is an effective medical drug that provides care-free relaxation that helps soothe stress, pain, anxiety, and cancer management. Grape Ape is easy to grow and prefers lots of sunlight at moderate temperatures. The plant needs to be trimmed thoroughly to increase yield and need lots of air circulation. If cultivated indoors, Grape Ape can be ready for harvest in seven to eight weeks producing a yield of about sixteen ounces per square meter.

While outdoors, the strain can yield up to twenty-eight ounces and is usually ready between late September and early October.

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