Recreational or medicinal, cannabis has been sold all over the world whether legally or illegally. There are some countries however that have taken it into their hands to legalize the drug and have allowed their citizens to grow, be in ownership of, buy and also consume it. Some of these countries include Canada which by October the seventeenth 2018 made this possible. This action made Canada the second country to legalize and also allow the use of dispensaries to disburse the product. The country has a total of 13 towns with the dispensaries that allow the buying and selling of product. 

How to get it 

  • Curbside pickup 

People that use the product have privacy issues and at times ask for the product to be taken at a particular place.  


  • Delivery  

As all the products ordered or bought, some people choose to get their product at the doorstep. The companies supplying the product have delivery men who do this for their customers. 


  • Storefronts 

These are for the businesses that have been opened as legal dispensaries for the product. Their customers go to the retail shops and buy the product or even make an order and the business does the delivery. 


  • Mail order 

A lot of things move through mail cannabis being one of them. Canadian dispensaries have taken this to be one of the ways their customers get their product. The customers make their order and the dispensaries package and deliver the package through mail. All this is quite private as there is no physical contact between the supplier and the customer. 


  • Doctor 

As all drug used in the medicinal sense, Cannabis requires the doctor’s approval and documentation. The country has thus developed a system to do just that by the name the Medical Marijuana Service. This guarantees for the product to be acquired and consumed safely. 


  • Online 

Most if not all the orders of such products are done online. This is from the said dispensaries or also the companies producing the products and their by-products. These are practically online stores and customers get whatever they want and delivery is done. 

What is given 

There are a number of cannabis byproducts that are given to the different clients in accordance to their taste and preference. They include: Topical and Tinctures, ediblesCBD, vapes, flowers and concentrates. 


The decision for Canada to legalize the use of Cannabis has extremely reduced crime and insecurities that came about when the consumers had to do all the buying in dark allies. The Canadian success by government Cannabis dispensaries has therefore brought about more good that bad considering the negative publicity that goes around the product. Other countries are still pondering on the acceptance of the product and are still weighing the options with the consideration being done on the impact of the product. 

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